Can I export the applybi Spreadsheet into an excel file?

Yes you can download the applybi spreadsheet data into an excel file. You have the option to export only figures ot to maintain the formulas being used in the spreadsheet.

Can I upload an existing excel into an applybi spreadsheet?

Yes you can upload any excel you have created without losing any of the formulas or functions you have deployed in it.

Can I use set analysis in the applybi spreadsheet?

Yes, you can. The applybi spreadsheet has built-in functions which can evaluate any Qlik expression or dimension.

Can I embed two or more applybi spreadsheets in the same Qlik app?

You can incorporate as many spreadsheets as you need. You have the option to define different dimensions and expressions for each spreadsheet.

Does an applybi spreadsheet work only when QlikView is on the web view mode?

Applybi spreadsheet is a Qlik extension. All Qlik extensions are available in a web view environment.

Where I can find more info and help manual?

You can find more information about the operation of applybi and for command syntax at the support portal under the help menu. Also you can see useful videos at our YouTube channel and at our blog and support portal at http://support.applybi.com

Where I can find system requirement for Applybi?

Applybi is a native extension of Qlikview. So for a successful installation you must comply with the QlikView system requirements. (http://help.qlik.com/en-US/qlikview/12.1/Content/System-requirements.htm).

As an extra installation the only component who installed and is out of the box is MS Sql Server personal edition if you select to use non existing database server.

Where applybi store data for spreadsheet applications?

Applybi use existing or install MS SQL Server for store data. If on installation select use existing database server then you must configure connection details for sql connectivity else you can select to install MS Sql Server Express edition for storing applybi data to a new instance.

How can contact customer support?

For customer support contact first of all you must register at support.applybi.com with your work email and personal details. After that you can submit a ticket thru our support portal and you must select the correct category for your query/problem.